Export Packing & Crating Services

We understand the importance of using the correct freight packaging materials and supplies to protect your cargo as it moves across the world.

Whether your goods are heavy, out of gauge, hazardous, or of high value, they must arrive safely and in good condition, which means that the export freight packaging has to be fit for purpose.

Our experience and expertise will ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination in exactly the same condition as it leaves your premises, and in alignment with all legislative requirements. Our freight packing service includes the following:

  • Export Packing
  • On-Site Freight Packing
  • Custom Made Packing Service
  • Cases, Crates, and Pallets
  • Packing of Dangerous Goods
  • Compliance with ISPM15 Standards
  • Shrink-wrap & Hood Boxing
  • Full Line of Protection and Preservation
  • Trade Show Packing

Most countries require ISPM 15 compliant packing when cargo enters their territory. Some countries demand even more specialized compliance. Australia and New Zealand demand letters or certificates of compliance from the party who has exported and packed the material. Chile demands fumigation of used equipment with special chemical treatments. It’s important to know these things before cargo is loaded onto the vessel. At that point, it is too late.

To be sure you are not risking your cargo to damage or to rejection by a foreign country’s customs authorities, contact a reputable export packing company like Texas International Freight. Our export crating services offer reliability, security, and cost-saving solutions for your freight.

Contact us to see what we can do for everything from your project freight to a small piece of sensitive equipment to ship by air.